Our nourishing body oil keeps your skin moisturized, healthy and improves the quality of your skin. We know oils can be a bit intimidating but once you make the switch and add oils to your all natural skincare beauty routine your skin will look amazing. Body Oils when applied to the skin daily will give you an even skin tone, soften wrinkles and smooth over age spots. Our body oil keeps your skin feeling soft and supple all day from head to toe. And you want to know the #1 reason why it's our most loved?...It repels mosquitoes ...all that in one bottle. It's been dubbed liquid gold! 



Marissa Rayne Skin Moisturizing Body Oil As Seen In Glamour


We love to see you enjoying your journey to naturally radiant skin.

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We love being featured on insta story! Thanks @xulaguy ...your support means everything. Enjoy your products! -@xulaguy, New York, NY

@_jdaniellee loves Marissa Rayne Skin. She spotlighted her 2017 Christmas gift on her insta story. Thanks for the love @_jdaniellee, Macon, GA 

@marissarayneskin literally is the best body oil everr!!! #marissarayneskin - @andykandy, Washington, D.C.

This is THE greatest skin care product that I have purchased in a long time (and I purchase many)!!! I buy a couple of bottles at once and I use them everyday. My skin stays moisturized and it glows throughout the day. I have a lip balm from home, work, the car and one stays in my purse. I cannot have enough! Thanks Marissa Rayne Skin! - DeAnna Jefferson, Pikesville, Maryland

Shout out to @marissarayneskin for keeping us insect free and moisturized in Riviera Maya, Mexico. #herpreneur #vacaypotion #marissarayneskin -@michellejjames, West Orange, NJ

After a long day of sun & fun, I love to use @marissarayneskin Naturally Radiant Body Oil to replenish my skin. It has lemongrass and Eucalyptus that calms skin and even repels insects! The sun can be so damaging, especially living on the beach I am sure to hydrate my skin with this oil so I don't get wrinkles. Deff a must have for summer. #marissarayneskin -@ashley.arre, Miami South Beach, Fl.

I like both of these products so much! Besides, the body spray is simply a must have for my upcoming exotic trip. Thank you @marissarayneskin #marissarayneskin- @anyckabeauty, London, United Kingdom

am so blessed to have people in my life that care about me. So, a couple of years ago, I met a beautiful soul M.Rayne in Turks & Caicos. The mosquitoes were making me miserable. She recommended I put down the OFF and try this concoction she formulated. I was a little leery but desperate. Not only was my skin glowing, the mosquitoes left me alone. I do not travel without it. Every time I run out, she makes me more. #myfriendsaredope #marissarayneskin #comingsoontoadepartmentstorenearyou - @jes_ane, New York, NY 

HUGE shout out to M. Rayne. She saw my posts last summer about being so allergic to mosquitoes (aka skeeter syndrome) and she sent me a supply of her body oil w/ insect barrier. Let me tell you this stuff is like liquid gold to me I put it on whenever I am going to be outside for extended periods of time or exercising outdoors and I have not been bitten once this summer!! I am a forever customer of Marissa Rayne!!! #marissarayneskin - @blingworkoutdiva, Aurora, CO

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